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Acrylic (Red-Liner) Foam Tape

Acrylic Red Liner Foam Tape

Imagine. Create. Accomplish

Who could have foreseen that adhesive tape would have a lasting impact on the lives of industrial and design engineers?

Hardseal Acrylic Foam Tape have introduced a realm of new possibilities. These double-sided acrylic foam tapes, celebrated for their exceptional strength, have been validated as alternatives to traditional fastening methods, such as rivets, screws, bolts, and welds. With a proven history spanning over( ), marked by consistent performance and ongoing advancements in the industry, Hard Seal red tape possesses the necessary strength to address even the most demanding bonding requirements and transform your design visions into reality.

Remove the barriers that separate you from achieving a flawlessly perfect end product with this exceptionally potent fastening solution, carefully engineered to remain inconspicuous.

Benefits of Hardseal Acrylic Foam Tape

Unmatched Bonding Power

Hardseal Acrylic Foam Tape disperses both dynamic and static stress uniformly across the entire design surface, leading to enhanced impact resistance and effective vibration damping, thereby reducing wear and tear on metallic components. This tape not only forms an extremely secure seal but also establishes a durable bond that strengthens with time, rendering mechanical fasteners obsolete for good.


Resilience and Flexibility

Hardseal Acrylic Foam Tape Red Tapes ensures the durability of its bonds under extreme conditions, enduring temperature variations ranging from -40°C to 66°C, UV exposure, moisture, and chemical exposure. Its unique viscoelastic characteristics not only absorb energy but also create a safeguarding shield against moisture, contaminants, and chemical substances.


Simplified Application Process

Hardseal Acrylic Foam Tape Red Tapes offers instantaneous usability with no cure time required, making it a user-friendly solution that eliminates the need for welding and grinding typically necessary for weld preparation. These tapes create bonds and seals upon contact, facilitating effortless assembly, and can be easily tailored to exact shapes and dimensions for personalized applications.


Pioneering Design Solutions

Hardseal Acrylic Foam Tape Red Tapes empowers you to achieve top-notch, impactful designs with limitless possibilities. It effectively adheres to various materials, safeguards against bi-metallic corrosion, and produces a flawless, blemish-free finish, free from any signs of imperfections or punctures.


Available sizes

1.2mm x 10mm

2.0mm x 10mm

1.2mm x 12mm

2.0mm x 12mm

Hardseal Acrylic Foam Tape Structural Glazing Tapes represent resilient, high-performance double-sided acrylic foam tapes designed for securely bonding glass panels within curtain wall systems, commercial windows and doors, as well as skylight and canopy systems. These tapes deliver substantial benefits to contract glaziers and manufacturers of glazing systems.