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Fix-All (Liquid-Nail) Sealant (Construction Adhesive)

Fix-All(Liquid-Nail) Sealant (Construction Adhesive)


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Liquid Nails has strong adhesion and can replace nails to the greatest extent. It is most suitable for firmly bonding all kinds of (building materials). No drilling, screws or nails are required. Time saving, efficient and fast.


  1. icn1 Bond the door frame, door and window cover, stairs, etc. in the house decoration. Bonding wood to other materials such as aluminum and stainless steel.
  2. icn1 Bonding flooring, insulation, wood, melamine, wood, plaster, and metal trim in house decoration.
  3. icn1 Bonding ceramic tiles, cultural stone, marble, marble, aluminum edge and other stone window sills, cabinet counters, etc.
  4. icn1 Bonding mirrors, glass, ceramics, long-term load-bearing hooks, etc.
  5. icn1 Bonding hangings, etc. of various materials inside and outside the room


Adaptive Temperature : -300C-800C

Construction Temperature : -200C-350C

Solid Content 73%

Color?White, Beige, Transparent


  1. icn1 Non-nail glue construction material selection: It is most suitable for bonding the following materials in concrete, all kinds of stone, wall plaster, wood and plywood surface: wood, plastic, metal, threshold, signage, slat, door base, window sill , junction box, sheet material, gypsum board, embellished stone, ceramic tile, etc., not suitable for foam materials.
  2. icn1 Clean the construction surface to ensure no oil and dirt, and remove all loose components;
  3. icn1 Cut the nail-free hose mouth, puncture the nozzle protective film, put on the rubber nozzle, and squeeze it with a sealing gun;
  4. icn1 Adhere a few rows of glue-free glue on a single side with a drop of glue or a zigzag pattern (each line is approximately 30 cm apart). Always apply adhesive to the edges of all corners of the sheet and it will be needed within 5 minutes. The bonded parts are placed in place, pressed and tapped with a rubber mallet. If the material is large, heavy, and if necessary, clamp or support (about 24 hours). The ideal effect is achieved after 3 days of bonding.


The nail-free adhesive operating environment temperature should be between -5 ° C and +40 ° C, stored in a cool, frost-free, well-sealed place. When the nail-free glue has not been condensed, it can be removed with loose water. After drying, it can be scraped or ground to remove the residue. This product can be used in conjunction with the laying of the floor.




Solid Content




Adhesive Strength


Adaptive Temperature


Construction Temperature


Curing Time



24 months

Hard Seal Liquid Nails has strong adhesion and can replace nails to the greatest extent. It is most suitable for firmly bonding all kinds of (building materials).

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